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Performing at the Alpha, Michigan BluesFest-Summer 2014...

  Hello-My name is Bill Bice. I am a lead/rhythm  guitarist and lead/backup vocalist. I am looking for a  full time  position with a damn good band. I play all  styles but  prefer blues, blues rock, classic sixties- I  am originally from Alabama, now reside in Northern  Wisconsin. I've got a Strat and a Twin ready to go-  Road, festivals, casinos and juke joints no problem  with right  situation- 
 Currently playing with the
Fireside Blues Band-  Formerly with the Red, White and Blues Band-
 Performed with the
'Next Myle' (variety) band for  several years & played at major festivals- performed  with BB Secrist and did the casinos (Mi. Wi. La. Mn.  Ms.) & toured Europe & South America in support of  U.S Troops- Did the cruise ship (Celebrity) thing  with Moses Taroy (Eastern- Western Carribean)
 For fourteen years I had a blast playing with  the 
Mersey Band and Firestarter Band in house gigs in  Huntsville & Birmingham, Alabama. Click on blue links  below for video and audio samples. Thanks.

  With the Red, White and Blues Band and Dewey  Bunnel - Original member of AMERICA!
   Below are links (in blue);

 This link will take you to bandcamp- it is a demo  of my first album of originals called 'Blue Zen Winter'- all  instruments & vocals (except  drums) by me;             
This link will take you to bandcamp- it is a demo of my second album 'Mortal Zen- music & vox (except drums);

 A stroll through the past- (My Cover Solos with the  Firestarter Band circa 1995) click below; (youtube)

 This link (youtube) is a live compilation with the  Fireside Blues Band;

 Here are a couple of videos made to my songs;
 'Cookie Crumbs'
 'Ease my Burden'
''Killer Elevator Music'


 Thanks- Bill Bice


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